Geographical importance of pakistan

This is sub continent which consists of many nations of which the Hindus and Muslims are two major nation. They are also used as fuel. Two Nation Theory Introduction The Two Nation theory in its simplest way means the cultural, political, religious, economic and social dissimilarities between the two major communities, Hindus and Muslim of the Sub Continent.

This time frame is important for Pakistan as it is the duration in which Pakistan by utilizing all of its resources and manpower could bring Pakistan into global economic mainstream. Economic Differences Afterthe Muslim economic was crushed.

Afghanistan Pays the Price of its Strategic Geographical Location

The CPEC would play pivotal role through economic incentives and regional integration in the form of networks, connectivity and partnerships. Read about Pakistan's major cities, population, languages, history, currency, popular sports and much more.

Water Logging and Salinity. The Hindus burnt their dead bodies while Muslim burred them. These considerations made a very strong case for Pakistan to seek membership of SCO and present it with an historic opportunity to make amends for its past follies in the arena of foreign relations.

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Nawaz SHARIF took office as Prime Minister inmarking the first time in Pakistani history that a democratically elected government completed a full term and transitioned to a successive democratically elected government.

The economic linkages evolved through the SCO forum will also strengthen prospects of regional security. Print this map The region of Pakistan was home to several ancient cultures including the Vedic Civilization, which thrived for centuries, and was part of an era in which much of the Hindu scriptures were composed.

Cultural Differences Muslim followed the Islamic culture, while Hindus inherited a self build culture. The fight against terrorism and religious extremism has been a very painful undertaking and has surely equipped the armed forces and other law enforcing agencies with loads of expertise and knowledge regarding tackling the phenomenon.

We vote for who's most popular or for prom king and queen and even leaders of student council because politics is a part of who we are. Sown in October-November and produce obtained in April-May. Therefore, Pakistan should deal optimistically with all the challenges in building of CPEC and convert this golden opportunity into an economic reality.

The project has tremendous importance for a weaker country like Pakistan. The fight is still on in the form operation Raddul Fasad under which the remnants of the terrorists and their sympathizers are being targeted.

CPEC is a revolution in the field of economics. During medieval times the Rai Dynasty of Sindh conquered the region of Pakistan and ruled until Arab general Muhammad bin Qasim took over in AD, setting the stage for subsequent Muslim empires.

In fact the definition of geek should be one who lacks political or social skills. The Muslim spoke Urdu and it was written in Arabic Script. East Pakistan rebelled with a Civil war inand, with the help of India the area gained independence from the west and become the country of Bangladesh.

Muslims are the believers of God, the Holy Prophet P. The separation in of British India into the Muslim state of Pakistan with West and East sections and largely Hindu India was never satisfactorily resolved, and India and Pakistan fought two wars - in and - over the disputed Kashmir territory.

It is used for Agriculture where it is the backbone of agro-economy. Print Email By Zumra Nawaz Cheema At the end of cold war, with the emergence of multi-polar system at international arena, process of globalization got impetus. Our interests and problems are common, and therefore, I consider the two factions as one nation.The geography of India and Pakistan includes the Himalaya Mountains and the Indus River as their defining features; both areas contain high mountain areas and river lowlands near the Indus River.

India, due to its size and proximity to the ocean also has lowlands in. The project has tremendous importance for a weaker country like Pakistan. Pakistan and China signed 51 agreements worth of $46 billion under CPEC, The four main areas of collaboration between the two countries are; infrastructure, transportation, energy, and industrial cooperation.

Pakistan in Asia has much geographical importance because of its strategic location. Firstly, Pakistan has all features of nature like sea, deserts, mountains, rivers.

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Aug 06,  · Geo strategic means the importance of a country or a region as by virtue of its geographical location. Stephen Cohn describes this importance while history has been unkind with Pakistan, its geography has been its greatest benefit.

Afghanistan and Pakistan now have come close to the boundaries of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, The nearness to the boundaries of foreign countries has made the position of the State most important from military point of view.

Prime Ministers of the Dominions

Pakistan presently is also engaged in diversifying its exports and finding new and easily accessible markets for its products. The SCO states with almost one fourth of the world population having geographical proximity with Pakistan and easy accessibility constitute a .

Geographical importance of pakistan
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